Crime Scene

Test Your Snooping Skills and Win Jackpots in Crime Scene

In the quest to provide gaming enthusiasts with engaging and highly exciting games, many developers have tried different themes and approaches in delivering video slot titles. In the last few months, many developers have succeeded in developing music-based video slot productions, and some online casinos have unveiled fantasy and action-based video slot games. But Net Entertainment really knows how to push the creative envelope with its games. Looking for diversity in the game titles available online, we found out that Net Entertainment had released Crime Scene, a video slot production that puts the player and the casino enthusiast at the scene of the crime. While this theme is seen as better for TV and movies, we think that Net Entertainment has pulled off a coup here, and this game can be considered a success, as it places the player in a crime-busting spree, and in the process provides jackpots and prizes along the way.

How to Play

If you love suspense and enjoy cracking codes and mysteries, then Crime Scene from Net Entertainment will serve as a great option for a slot game. Open this game, and you will be directly transported into a crime scene in a dark alley, where you will find a body bag and the area marked by a police tape. And when it comes to the symbols used in the game, Net Entertainment uses all the familiar symbols, including the traditional card deck values. Also, you can also check out the gun, pair of sunglasses, silver brief case and bloody shoe print symbols.

For maximum entertainment, Crime Scene offers the Sticky Wild, which is represented by a police badge and a symbol that can take the places of other in-game symbols, except for the scatters. The Sticky Wilds will remain on the reels for 5 spins, and this comes with a x3 multiplier in case you get a winning combination. Bonus is available, and this can be activated if you can get 3 symbols.

Players who can get at least 3 bonus symbols can play the bonus round, where play happens in a forensics laboratory. During this mode of the game players will need to click on a translucent blue folder, and each folder will reveal coins, second chances, or will reveal the Evidence symbol. The Evidence symbol will add more coins to the player’s winnings. As well as this feature, the player will also be presented with 4 envelopes, and each envelope will reveal a prize, from coins to multipliers.

Betting Options

There are 10 bet levels in Crime Scene, and the coin values start at €0,01, with €1,00 as the maximum value that can be played. If you want to play the maximum bet, you’ll need to invest €150,00.

Theme & Special Functions

With this Net Entertainment game, slot players will not just look for coin jackpots and free spins; they will also simulate the work of police officers and detectives. What adds value to the gaming experience is the use of suspenseful music, with a faint police radio in the background. Also, each winning line comes with an electric guitar sound to add effect.

All the right elements are used in Crime Scene by Net Entertainment, and we love the experience of playing the game. We feel that the creativity of many NetEnt productions is shown here, on top of the usual scatters, bonuses and wilds that have defined many its productions. Why not try this game, test your snooping skills, and win in the process?

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