Secret Code

Crack the Code and Win the Jackpots in Secret Code Video Slot Game

In Dan Brown’s novels, the Illuminati, secret codes and the search for truth were used as elements, and made for great entertainment for both readers and moviegoers. Now, the same elements are used in the design of a new video slot production. This time, Net Entertainment explores secret codes and secret organizations to come up with an engaging video slot game that can appeal to both new and regular players of video slot games. Aside from the use of a compelling and familiar theme, this game from Net Entertainment also throws in some of the usual elements that make slot games successful, like Scatters and expanding Wilds. Playing the game is like engaging in an exploration into the unknown, not just to unmask the truth, but also to score the jackpots.

How to Play

When you play this game you will assume the role of an investigator, one who will make sense of the symbols and codes used. You will find a number of interesting and mysterious symbols in the game, like the hourglass, secret society rings, magnifying glass that comes with the clue book, a sleuth with a lantern, a worried lady and two more characters in search of clues. The choice of the symbols all contribute to the overall feel and theme of the game, and players are given the chance to go on an adventure to try and break the codes. Aside from the use of this mysterious theme, you can also play the Scatters, Secret Code bonus and the exciting expanding Wilds.

The Scatters will give you a chance to try the free spins mode, and this feature is yours if there are 3 of these on the reels. If you manage to get a winning combo in the free spin mode, the game pays based on the displayed amount, and multiplied by the identified multiplier. We love the inclusion of the multiplier in Secret Code, which usually ranges from x1 to x20. Enjoy the extra spins of Secret Code through the game’s Bonus Collector. If you enter this mode of Secret Code, you will be shown 20 stones, secured by the Druid. You will need to choose 3 stones so that you will know that this is the number of free spins earned.

Another thing we love about this game is the Secret Code Bonus game, and this will be displayed on a second screen. The presentation is worthy of a scene in a movie, complete with an eerie and mysterious presentation of a room, with masked statues, and with each one protecting a secret. You are given five keys, and the challenge is to unlock the right box to get the prize.

Betting Options

You will find 10 bet levels, and 5-coin value options. Players can adjust the number of coins for every line, and win lines can be adjusted, from a low of 1 to a maximum value of 5. Coin values, on the other hand, range from 0,01 for the beginners to as high as 0,50 for higher rollers.

Theme & Special Functions

What we love about this NetEnt presentation is the use of a cool, mysterious and eerie theme that adds value to the game. The availability of the expanding Wilds, fabulous Scatters, free spins offer and a bonus game make this NetEnt production one of the most exciting titles out there. Aside from the Auto Spin, this game also features a practical button that allows you to stop the spinning of the reels.

It is no longer a secret. We love playing Secret Code by Net Entertainment. The availability of bonus features and a practical button makes this video slot presentation a highly entertaining game, and a profitable one as well.

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